Monday, July 14, 2008

Huckerby knows the way to San Jose...

It's on order....

Bigus doesn't usually watch the MLS because Bigus thinks it's piss poor. Well all of that is about to change. Not only will Bigus be watching the MLS as often as he can (ordered percocet and sticks for my eyes) but he has a team! Bigus is throwing himself into the deep end of the MLS pool... Head first.

Bigus has become a San Jose Earthquakes supporter.

Why Bigus? Why San Jose? Why the worst team in the country? And WHY a team that is managed by a bin man?

There is only one reason blog fiends...San Jose have just signed my favorite player in the history of the game. Darren Huckerby has signed for the 'Quakes and boy will there be some shock waves. At this level Huckerby is a 9.8 on the soccer scale. He is far too good for the MLS and San Jose fans are in for a treat.

Darren Huckerby: The folks of San Jose are lucky b#st%rds!

When Darren was released by Norwich at the end of last season by manager Glenn Roeder . The majority of Norwich fans were perturbed and confused by the decision to say the least. Roeder's motives for ditching the most popular player in the club's recent history are a hot topic this summer.

Some seem to think that Roeder saw Huckerby's popularity as a threat to his reign at Carrow Road, some think that Roeder wanted to free up Huckerby's high wages and some just think that Roeder just didn't fancy him. One thing is clear however, lack of ability, skill and pace are not factors. You see, this summer, Huckerby has had 12 offers on the table in the U.K and 1 from a Premier league side.

At 32 years old, Huckerby is still a serious danger at Championship level.

"But if he is so good Bigus, then why is he signing for the worst team in the MLS?"

Fair question readers. Darren Huckerby is settled in Norwich. His kids attend school there and his rapport with the fans can be described as nothing short of a 'love affair'. Since his arrival in 2003, Darren has been adored for his style of play and love for all things NCFC. He will be a fixture in the stands this season when the MLS season ends. Darren declared recently that he had bought Norwich tickets for next season's campaign.

When Huckerby was released, he announced that he would never play against Norwich again, and that doing so would be "too hard" for someone who has become a legend in a city where heroes are thin on the ground and a five year spell has provided him with a place to settle after a career at 7 clubs.

"When I said that I would not play against Norwich I was 100 per cent certain that's what would happen. Even some of my team-mates thought I was crazy. But they know me. They know when I say something I stick to it."

- Darren Huckerby.

Huckerby should have an absolute blast in the MLS, as the sub-par standard of play, coupled with most teams' desire to force attacking football, should allow Earthquake fans to see the guy that was capable of just about anything during his time at Norwich.

Huckerby has never been a prolific goalscorer but when he does score they are usually very tasty indeed. Notable goals include a 70 yard run against Birmingham City and a fantastic goal against Manchester United.

Huckerby's last goal (at the end of this) for Norwich was just 2 months ago against Sheffield Wednesday away

Huckerby's attitude towards the game is first class and he loves a challenge. According to one coach at Norwich, he "trained like an animal" and was often the "first to turn up" and "the last to leave". Quakes fans can also take note that Huck turned down 4 times the amount of money than the Earthquakes can offer, and is leaving his family behind in Norfolk to run out at Buck Shaw stadium... a sure sign of someone who just loves playing football. As long as coach Frank Yallop plays Huckerby where he belongs on the left, I can see nothing short of success for Darren and some great times ahead for Earthquake fans.

So what does Huck's think about his move to California?

"To be honest it's a really nice living culture in California, the average temperature is 25 degrees [Ed. Note: he's talking Celsius] all year round and it's the safest place to live in America - it's like the Norwich of the States."
...and the MLS...?
"It's very direct over there, it always has been. From speaking to him [Yallop] defenders tend to play one-on-one a lot. Let's hope they do. Because as I have found out in the last four or five years teams usually end up doubling up on me because if it's one-on-one then I can get to work.”
Huckerby also turned down a move to Toronto to sign with San Jose citing their plastic pitch as the main turn off.
"Obviously they (Toronto) had first rights on me but they play on astroturf and train on astroturf and it was a big doubt in my mind. But don't get me wrong they are a great club and have world class facilities."
One thing is for certain: Toronto's loss is San Jose's gain. Earthquake fans are sure to be entertained and that now includes Bigus... road trip, anybody?

Up the City and Go 'Quakes.


PS. Huckerby could make his debut tomorrow when the Earthquakes take on the Honduran Olympic team.


Kopper said...

Looking at the schedule, San Jose aren't coming east anymore this year, it seems. Put me down for next year's Red Bulls home game.

BerbaKeane said...

Something is odd about playing for 1/4 of the wages he could have earned and then picking the club as far from his family as possible. Why not an East Coast team? There is more to this story I bet.

Bigus Dickus said...

Because strange though it may seem, none of them were interested. Discovery was also an issue. Toronto had first bite and he did not fancy their plastic 'turf'. San Jose were next in line for him.

Goat said...

Is it weird that I already own that very jersey?

Bigus Dickus said...

A little. Only the Dickus spawn are allowed to have the Dickus name on their jersey!

Mike Georger said...

looks like everyones favorite commentator has to get a new handle! oh noes spurs OH NOOOOESSS

Bigus Dickus said...

Berbakeane, when you have come to terms with losing your front two you can ponder this..Huckerby plays here in summer and his kids are off school and here too. When the season ends in October he spends their school year with them. Probably see them more than he would if he was playing up north. How odd indeed.

jjf3 said...

Is it OK to say that I wish I had one of those jerseys while still rooting for the Dynamo??

He should enjoy his vacation here in MLS, making Jacqua look like a piker...