Sunday, June 22, 2008

Open Thread: Italy v. Spain & USA v. Barbados (2nd half Italy-Spain Liveblog)

Well, it doesn't look like any of us are available for duty to day, so please use this thread to amuse yourselves.

Suggested things to discuss:
Why a certain player will go to your favorite club and be awesome.
Why a certain player will go to your rival and suck balls.
How a crazed lunatic can pull a wife like to the right. (NSFW pic link)
Does Donadoni really look like Wayne Coyne or is it just me?

Lineups after the jump. Have fun and stay awake.

Italy-Spain 14.45 EDT (ESPN)
Italy: Buffon, Zambrotta, Panucci, Chiellini, Grosso, Aquilani, De Rossi, Massimo Ambrosini, Perrotta, Cassano, Toni.

Spain: Casillas, Ramos, Puyol, Marchena, Capdevila, Senna, Iniesta, Xavi, Silva, Villa, Torres.

USA-Barbados 15.00 EDT (ESPN Classic)
USA: Guzan; Moor, Califf, DeMerit, Pearce; Kljestan, Szetela, Bradley, Lewis; Adu, Beasley.
Subs: Seitz; Bocanegra, Onyewu; Thorrington; Shea, Barrett, Rolfe.

Barbados: Rouse; Neblett, Straker, Boyce, Skeete; Nurse, Parris, Miller; Ifill, McCammon, Williams.

46:00 Hello gents and ladies...I just got done signing my contract with Arsene Wenger and achieving fame and fortune like Nike promised.

Hopefully we will get a bit of excitement in this 2nd half.

48:00 Iniesta blew a wonderful chance when Torres picked him out in the box and David Villa dummied the ball. Iniesta was in on goal too. Woeful touch.

49:00 David Villa had a wonderful turn inside the 6 yard box after collecting a ricochet but dawdled on the ball allowing Chiellini to recover and block his shot.

50:00 Toni offside just barely on a Grosso cross. Just a shade off.

51:00 Spain dispossessed at half but Cassano plays a terrible ball on the break.

53:00 Spain on the break hits Villa on the right who tries to cross (shoot?) the ball but it was deliciously awful hit towards the stewards.

55:00 Torres had a chance after saving the ball on the touchline but the italian defender blocked the cross towards Villa in the box.

57:00 I'm not sure, but if Andy Gray ran into the ref on the streets, I think he would spit on him. Every call of his is bad and Gray is right.

58:00 Perotta off for Camoranesi.
Corner to Spain, Xavi over it...

59:00 Buffon knocks it out to Silva who shanks an open shot from 23.

Cazorla on for Iniesta. Fabregas on for Xavi.

Interesting change that really shakes up the middle of the pitch for Spain.

61:00 What a save from Casillas! There was a scramble in the box as the tree Toni managed to get a foot to the ball as Casillas came out, the ball dropped in the box with a brief scramble that allowed Casillas to get back in position as Camorenasi turns on the ball and Casillas pokes it away with his left foot.

64:00 After that disco in the box, the teams have taken a disco nap.

67:00 Disco nap over as Italy starts to push forward again with Toni drawing a free kick wasted by Camoranesi.

69:00 Panucci jawing at Fabregas for some reason. David Villa lines up over a free kick from 30...deflected off the wall for a corner.

70:00 Fabregas with the corner that results in nada.

Zambrotta feeds a nice ball to Toni, who is too tall for the Spanish defenders, who heads it but can't get it on frame.

72:00 Villa booked for a dive...but it looks like he lost his footing after standing on the ball for way too long. What a waste...

Replays show Torres shoving an Italian defender and the patting him on the face. Lucky he wasn't booked.

74:00 Cassano off, di Natale on...he didn't do a lot tonight.

75:00 The ref is really a nag...blowing his whistle for every little thing.

77:00 This half has been even more boring than the first half.

78:00 Torres with a lovely touch and had Panucci beaten but nobody was in the middle of the box and he wins a corner that Buffon punched out.

79:00 Senna rockets a free kick at Buffon who swats it away like a mosquito.

81:00 What a shot by Senna from 22, Buffon spilled and it only didn't go in the goal because of the post.

83:00 Ramos made his first good defensive play of the tournament knocking Toni off of a header.

Toni took the ball away from Grosso who was hard charging. Toni was trying to get a foot on it through some sort of bicycle kick.

85:00 Torres off for Guiza. Boo!

Unfortunately for Torres, the Spanish squad doesn't have the right talent to exploit his skills. Nobody will free him with a good ball and nobody supports him on his runs.

86:00 Guiza with a bonehead move. In the middle of the box with room he handles it. What a dunce. That was a goal.

90:00 So, immediately after Torres goes off the pitch, the Spaniards start feeding balls that are perfect for him to run on. You would think maybe his teammates don't like him.

90:00 +1 This ref has been snookered by the Italians. Every time they are down he makes the play stop even if there wasn't a foul. Toni just did it on a Puyol tackle.

90:00 +2 David Villa with a terrible touch on a great Fabregas ball. Villa had the ball in the box and turned it back into the defense instead of away to a left footed shot that would have been on goal.

That was really poor. Should have taken him off instead of Torres.

End of Regular Time.

No subs left for Spain and only one for Italy. Spain really needs to change their tactics because Italy is just packing the box.

91:00 Silva draws a foul from 24. Silva takes it...

92:00 Chiellini and Ramos tangle in the box, Sergio calling for a penalty and then Chiellini gets in his face.

93:00 Nice counter from Spain. Villa crosses it to Guiza who heads it to the middle to Fabregas whose shot is blocked but the rebound came to Silva who unleashed a shot just inches wide.

94:00 Whistle on Fabregas who kicks Chiellini in the bottom of the foot. That smarts.

95:00 Grosso tries to feed Toni in the box, but just deflected before Toni arrives...di Natale gets an excellent header that Casillas tips over.

96:00 De Rossi's corner is headed near post but over by Toni.

99:00 That was an amazing attempt by Villa. He had fallen down in the box but the ball was in his wickets and he somehow gets a foot on it to get it to the oncoming Fabregas, but he gets squeezed out.

103:00 That was some Spanish class as a Spanish fan grabs his crotch during a chant. Lovely. I'm sure Disney is very happy.

104:00 Guiza and Spain are desparate. Guiza has no creativity and just tries to lash one in when Buffon had the angles instead of trying to cross one to the middle.

End of First Extra Period.

We really need a moment of brilliance.

106:00 Back on.

107:00 Ramos whistled for kicking Camoranesi in the shoulder. Dangerous position at the corner of the 18. De Rossi tries to loop one in but nobody moved.

108:00 Del Piero on for Aquilani.

110:00 Silva releases David Villa but just a hair too far and Buffon is out smothering it. Corner. Nothing doing.

112:00 Cazorla booked for dissent when he should have had a corner.

This ref is awful. Stopping play again.

116:00 This game sucks hard, like Jenna Jameson.

117:00 Really, I can't tell you how much I am hating this match right now.

118:00 David Silva doubles Del Piero because he knows Ramos will get his jock handed to him.

119:00 Guiza has another wonderful off-target shot. if you want to strike from sea, at least hit the beach.

120:00 Cazorla takes a shot across the face of the goal but misses picking out David Villa who was running on free. Spain's wingers are awful.

End of Extra Time

On to PKs. Two of the top GKs in the world Casillas and Buffon. This could be interesting. Has Buffon already used up his PK luck with his Mutu save? Can Spain and Casillas finally prevail on PKs?

Mike Georger in the comments directs us to the Wikipedia page of Herbert Fandel, the ref. He is apparently a stunt-butt.

David Villa scores the first. 1-0 Spain.

Grosso hits a lovely one to the side net. 1-1.

Cazorla steps up for Spain and slots it lower right. Spain 2 - 1 Italy

De Rossi up and is stopped by Casillas. Lovely save by Casillas. Spain 2 - Italy 1

Senna up for Spain, and chips it into the top of the net...Lovely. Spain 3 - Italy 1.

Camoranesi slots it home top right. Spain 3 - Italy 2.

Guiza up for Spain...Buffon saves. Poor kick. Spain 3 - Italy 2.

Di Natale steps up for Italy and Casillas saves. Another great save. Spain 3 - Italy 2.

Fabregas up for Spain to send them on to the semis. Spain 4 - Italy 2.

Thank the lord. I don't want to watch another Italy game. Casillas was brilliant.

Spain will face Russia in the semis which should be a great matchup. Spain beat Russia 4-1 in the first match of the group stage, but Russia seems much improved. Spain also beats the June 22 hex and advances on PKs. Now if only Aragones can figure out how to use Torres properly with all the rest of his talent.

Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your visits and contributions. The first semi


ü75 said...

Why start Lewis? Just leave him be. How long until the Guus Hiddink era begins?

Mike Georger said...

i pointed out that coyne comparison to a buddy last week and he thought i was crazy.

what the hell are all of you doing on a sunday afternoon you cant do a liveblog

ü75 said...

Personally, I'll be flipping between the two games, so I don't want to be the guy on a liveblog who can't keep up.

ü75 said...

For a country that only came together relatively recently in European terms, those eye-ties sure have a lot of nationalism in singing their anthem.

ü75 said...

Ref is not happy with Spain. After a talking to with Torres, he shows Iniesta a yellow.

ü75 said... is reporting that the match temperature in Barbados is 88 degrees with heat index hitting 100. Ugh.

ü75 said...

USA in their ugly white golf shirts. Barbados in blue.

ü75 said...

Not much to go on in Italy-Spain. Torres had an opening but went well over. Otherwise, it's a midfield battle right now.

ü75 said...

Adu misses a sitter in the fourth minute.

Ian said...

Cassano hasn't been starting the whole tournament, has he?

ü75 said...

He started the last game, I believe. I don't know about others.

This game is the American soccer fans worst nightmare so far. Possession aplenty, but with no attacking fervor. Hopefully, Mannix did make it to Barbados. (Still 0-0 there)

Ian said...

Odds on Spain getting a soft penalty in the second half?

ü75 said...

I don't think the refs are giving penalties this tourney. Except Howard Webb.

ü75 said...

USA scores. Eddie Lewis (of course) scores off an Adu feed. Pretty damn good pass from Adu, though it got a lucky deflection.

ü75 said...

Halftime in Europe. *yawn*

Mike Georger said...

shoddy officiating in a big tournament game going in favor of italy. who would have thought it.

fuck italy

Ian said...

Heh...flipped over to the USA game. Just a bit different atmosphere.

ü75 said...

Yeah, that's a large cricket oval they are playing on in Barbados. It does actually have a stand, but it is right under the cameras.

ü75 said...

If the announcers would quit talking about what you can watch on ESPN, you can hear the US players' communication with each other. that's pretty cool.

Ian said...

I actually think it would be awesome to go to one of these away CONCACAF quali games. Maybe not Azteca, but one of the central American ones or like a DR.

Mike Georger said...

according to gamecast, silva dove
"Silva takes a dive on the edge of the box. The ref waves play on whilst Silva rolls around on the floor looking for sympathy."

because he didnt get stepped on or anything
this 'espn fucking sucks' argument is in the bag

ü75 said...

JSYK, the USA-Barbados match won't win you over any soccer haters, either. I may nap.

ü75 said...

Taunt all you want, I'll just edit your piece to make you look like a fool.

You: "ESPN is teh roXXorz"
after I am done.

The Fan's Attic said...

2nd half liveblog going now in this post.

ü75 said...

That's not a prediction is it? I couldn't stand a dour second half as well.

ü75 said...

HT in Barbados. USA hold a shaky 9-0 aggregate lead.

ü75 said...

Nice push by Torres.

Ian said...

You know who would look awesome right about now?


ü75 said...

Also, the Russian team.

Ian said...


ü75 said...

Toni just got "A Night at the Roxbury" treatment from the Spaniards.

Mike Georger said...

makes sense, torres was the only one turning the italian defenders, and it was his fault noone was getting into the box to get onto a cross

wait it makes no fucking sense.
luis youre an idiot

shitty treatment of liverpool players again, go italy

Mike Georger said...

guiza is fucking awesome! that should have been a card, thats the second blatant intentional handball by the spanish in the box tonight

Mike Georger said...

when was the last time aragones won anything with anyone? mid eighties with atletico?

what a moron, its incredible how several of the big teams have been crippled by their managers this tournament

Mike Georger said...

speaking of joaquin. if he or jesus navas are in this game spain wins easily. why? because theyre wide players who would be able to get balls in. instead he packs the midfield with players who work through the center.

imagine how good south africa will be when the dutch, french, and spanish all have new and hopefully good managers

Ian said...

Italy should get more shit for playing this negative football. This is like a Bolton Arsenal game.

Mike Georger said...

oh god i forgot the old real manager is taking over for spain

torres might as well retire from international duty right fucking now because he wont be getting treated any better. if an atletico guy shit on him i cant wait to see how much a real guy will

Ian said...

Del Piero...that would be a Hollywood ending

Mike Georger said...

well if anyone knows scripted outcomes, its italy

/cheap shot

Mike Georger said...

i just realized the ref is the cocksucker who didnt play all the stoppage time in athens

Mike Georger said...

fandel's wikipedia page

"He also took charge of the Spain v Italy quarter final in Vienna on 22 June 2008. His performance was panned by commentators, in part for his failure to penalize repeated fouls by Italy in their own box. HE BLOODY SUCKS!"

Mike Georger said...

i feel for gigi, because hes the best and shouldnt have to go out like this.

Mike Georger said...



Ian said...


Mike Georger said...

the chinks has been ended?
walker told me i have aids?

MoonshineMike said...

Fabergas!! Our Gunner man-love oozes right now.

Mike Georger said...

what the ruck, was that a blue and yellow flag tattooed on ramos back?

Precious Roy said...

PKs are for fags.

Also, Donadoni is an idiot for sticking with Toni.