Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

I know, I know. You've waited all day for this. I promise you that this is well worth the wait. You shan't be disappointed. If you are in fact disappointed, keep it to yourself. No one likes a whin(g)er.

This week, we step away from our Euro focus and look to South America for inspiration. Trust me, there is fertile ground down there for the job. Deportivo Pereira ply their trade in Colombia in the top flight. None too noteworthy as a squad, they have a lot of guys named Carlos in the team. Now and forever, to me at least, they will be known as the club with the worst shirt I have ever come across. It is so awesome, they will be accorded as many pics of it as I could find.

In the immortal words of Stephen A. Smith in his first act for ESPN, filling in on the Dan Patrick radio show five or so years ago:
(seriously, it went on for about 25 seconds)
Oh my goodness, this is one hell of an eyesore. When I first saw the thumbnail of the above pic, I thought that the shirt was all yellow and red, with a detail overlayed of the back red bit. Boy howdy, was I wrong.

This shirt dates back to 1994-95, and may have only been used in the domestic cup. That doesn't excuse it. Just look at it. This is way worse than the Dutch '88 shirt, I think. It's just too much. Plus, it's virtually useless for both the name on the back

and the team's badge.

Plus, what's up with that sponsor? That's about as eye-catching as the first English shirt sponsor, Kettering Tyres. If you have to compete with such a shirt for notice, you had better pull out the Birthdays graphic, methinks.

One more, from an artsy angle, before we go. All images from my new favorite site to find horrible shirts,


The Fan's Attic said...

That's worse than seeing Amy Winehouse's cooch.

Andrew said...

@tfa: same effect though, I'd imagine: nausea brought about by vertigo and uncontrolled feelings of despair.

There's a Steven McClaren joke in there somewhere.

Mike Georger said...

this is the first kit that has made me burst out laughing. good work.

Bigus Dickus said...

That shirt is amazing...Just amazing..