Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: See? It's all better now

You heard it here first (well, second if you read soccernet), Spain will lose because they are wearing their "unlucky" yellow shirts on Thursday [Soccernet]
Topless WAG alert! It's an alert so you go there real quick like. [The Spoiler]
British clubs make some money off of their players in the Euros (sidebar) [The Sun]

Non-Euro stuff after the jump

USA to be grouped with Guatemala, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago. Top two advance [American Soccer News]
MLS rejects $1 million bid for Kenny Cooper from unnamed club. Um, why exactly? [American Soccer Reader]
Rafa wants $100 million for transfers. Selling off Torres would get half of that [Daily Mail]
Consider this a two-fer. You learn an Aussie term as well as get to read a soccer related story. Spectator (not ours) runs onto pitch and "King Hits" a player. [Manly Daily]

See you tomorrow as we return to "all-Euros, all the time" coverage.


The Fan's Attic said...

I finally got to see the NSFW Oksana Andersson photos at home...and...holy cow are her bewbs nice.

chipped red nail polish said...

If anyone can look good in those hideous kits, it's Spain. That said, frick.

Allez les Soca Warriors!

Andrew said...

Those are real.

Well done, Mr. Wilhemsson, very well done.

Lingering Bursitis said...

I want to build a condo between those jugs, and live there forever more

Mike Georger said...

rafa already said that story was bullshit. and considering afterwards all the media outlets changed alves to barry, its another good sign its crap. come on.

ü75 said...

And also--it's the Daily Mail. Just because we know the source is shite doesn't mean that we will not have fun in passing it on.