Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tino Asprilla's Pistola

Former Colombian international, Newcastle and Parma footballer Tino Asprilla has been arrested for possession of weapons and criminal damage. Why, you ask? Well, because...

Asprilla is accused of spraying a privately run security checkpoint with a machine gun near his farm in southwestern Colombia on April 19. The post was hit by 29 bullets. No one was hurt.

The security guards claim that Asprilla reacted violently when they refused to allow the former Colombia international's friends to pass the checkpoint.

Oddly enough, this hasn't been Asprilla's only incident involving international borders. Tino nearly signed for League 2 squad Darlington in 1998 as a favor to the club chairman, but backed out and fled England, never to return.

Nor has it been the only time his "arma" has gotten him press. His baby arm has appeared in print in South America. The NSFW version is here, but I wouldn't really recommend it.

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