Thursday, June 26, 2008

Iraq Disbands National Team

I've been doing some research and collecting information on Iraqi football lately. Essentially, it boils down to things are really different over in Iraq for many obvious reasons. In fact, much of it is downright scary. Despite knowing that things are less than stable over there, it comes as a complete shock that the Iraqi National Football Team has been disbanded after failing to progess in WC 2010 Qualifiers.

The federation said the national side's failure to reach the later stages of qualification for the tournament in South Africa had disappointed the Iraqi people, and the entire team needed to be rebuilt.

"The Iraqi FA has decided to disband the team as of now and also not continue with the services of Adnan Hamad as coach," a federation statement read.

"It is really sad that Iraq lost in the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Iraqis are not happy with the results.

The Iraq FA intends to rebuild the team for the FIFA Confederations Cup. But, it just seems so odd to completely dismantle it. I hope the best for the Iraqi team, the nation could use some positive news.

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