Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ask The Coach!

Morning blog fiends,

As part of the summer lull from league football I promised to have a gander behind the scenes of the beautiful game. Last week I took a look at how the fixture schedule was compiled.

This week I will be posing your questions to my friend and Norwich under 12 coach John Revell.

John will be visiting his old mucker Bigus in NY later in the week and this presents a wonderful opportunity for all of you footy fuckwits to find out the answers to some questions that only a real footy coach would know.

Have any of John's kids made it to the big time? How hard does he push them in training? When does he know if one of the kids has potential? How soon should you get your nippers playing? Whats it like working at the training ground of a Championship club? Ever wondered how much dosh professional players make? How often do they train for that hefty pay check? What players are a pain in the butt? All valid questions.....

If you have a question for John ( you know you do!) please either email us here at U.F or post your questions in the comments section below.

Once the hangover has worn off on Friday, I will post the answers.



ü75 said...

Ask him if Delia tries out any of her new recipes on the kids.

Mike Georger said...

what plans does glenn roeder have of ruining the kids lives?

but seriously

what ive always wondered with these youth teams, lets say a ten or eleven year old hits a growth spurt and all of a sudden has five or six inches on the other kids. do they bump him up to the next level?

The Fan's Attic said...

where does he get his training drills?

how does he decide if they are good for his kids?

is there anything new in training for soccer or is it simply stuff that has been used for years and years? i guess this question is, how well is training advancing in soccer. i feel like in the past 20 years training for the major sports in America has become much more refined/specialized/targeted, has this become true in soccer?

also, do you see any downside to having kids focus on one sport at such an early age? could it be helpful to have them do other activities?

who was his greatest success?

Bigus Dickus said...

Good stuff guys. Keep me coming. U75. I am sure they eat some of Delias nosh as they train at the Colney academy and use the same facilities as the first team.

The Fan's Attic said...

also, tell us the most embarassing story you can about Bigus Dickus.

Goat said...

A picture of a dozen or so 12 year old boys and no Arsene Wenger joke? C'mon, you guys are slipping. Seriously, what drills can I do with my 17 month old? Is the 5 hours of training I currently do with him too much?

ü75 said...

Too little, I think. My 11 month old gets those kind of hours. He's falling behind!

Seriously, though, at what point should I start to deal with the nuances of the game, and not just a kickabout (yes, I know 11 months is too early)

Andrew said...

Simplistic question:

How tied into a single position are kids at the age of 10-11? Are position assignments more fluid, or are kids already locked-in at that age?

Bigus Dickus said...

F.A..He will never tell. I did once slip over and accidentily shag a super model. More embarrassing for her I am guessing.

hockalees said...

As kind of an offshoot of one of FA's questions... if training in the UK has become as targeted/specialized as it has in the US, does he ever encounter the "diamonds in the rough" that excel at an older age (in their teens, a la Michael Jordan)? Or does the early specialization tend to discourage those who come to the game later?

How early do they start with 11v11 play with youth in England?