Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Put me in boss!".."Who the fuck are you?"

Bigus again....Prolific this week eh? Well I am going to continue my epic summer journey of useless facts and capricious ramblings with a look at the humble substitute and a new rule that could force you to take note of the unknown reserve. The hardworking wannabe and the young up-and-comers...

As many of you may have heard, Premiership teams will be allowed to have 7 substitutes on the sidelines next season. The news sent joy through the bones of every mediocre player in the land and the cheers from Stoke could be heard in Hawaii. Louis Saha celebrated the news with a party the likes of which had never been seen before. Guests included Tony Warner, Jon Moncur and Harry Kewell. Spurs wannabes Danny Rose and Kieran McKenna danced the night away.

The new rule will also apply to the Carling and F.A cups. David Nugent is apparently upset as this will now require that he takes part in the warm up.

Football League clubs will still only carry 5 subs on the bench which is a good thing for my lot. I can't think of seven outside the starting 11 worth a spot warming the wood.

Did you know?

- Until 1965 NO substitutes were allowed at all.

- Clubs have been able to use 3 subs since 1995.

- In 1999, teams could name five subs on the bench.

Keith Peacock of Charlton Athletic was the first substitute ever when he ran onto the pitch on Aug 21st 1965. He was a midfielder and replaced injured Goalkeeper Mike Rose on 11 I guess it didn't occur to have a back-up goalie in those days!

The first Scottish substitute was the famous Archie Gemmill. He replaced a sweaty called Jim Clunie on Aug 13th, 1966 (Scots have always been a little slow to get with the programme).

The first International substitute was German Horst Eckel. He appeared in a game against Saar on the 11th of October 1953.

Well I hope you learned a little something from that...I will be back later in the week to share my night out with Norwich youth coach John Revell. Don't forget to send in YOUR questions.

- Bigus.


Ian said...

The Germans used to play friendlies against quasi states that they had invaded 20 years prior? Nice

Eladio said...

I'm assuming the 3 subs/match is still in effect. Has the FA ever thought about upping that to 4/game?

Not sure how much of a change this will be for the EPL. I'd assume that most managers will use 1 of the extra subs for another defender (seems most just keep 1 back up defender on the bench these days). I wonder if most managers will also put a 2nd GK on the bench, as insurance.

Bigus Dickus said...

4!!! We don't want to see Darren Bent playing do we?

You will never see 2 keepers on your bench..Unless you are Fatih Terim of course.