Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Why the long face?

No, we are not going anywhere. Unlike most of the favored teams in the Euros, we will continue on. For the record, I say Russia clinches it next Sunday.

Speaking of Russia, Arshavin does not want to play there, or in Germany or England. Only Spain will do [Telegraph]
Paul Ince is a man on the move in English managerial circles [Soccernet]
Plymouth Argyle appoint Japanese president. I have no idea why [This is Plymouth]
Setanta's WAG XI. Phwoar! [Setanta]
The Sun says goodbye to the female fans of eliminated countries. Dutch Angel girl makes an appearance at #11 [The Sun]
The Fan's Attic sets someone straight [Deadspin]

Tune in tomorrow for some real eulogies--for the departed quarterfinal teams.


Mike Georger said...

reading all the articles on the ince hiring i kept marveling at the fact that he is referred to as black. the first time i was like 'man i cant believe they didnt call him african american.' then i realized how incredibly dumb i am.
but it got me thinking, is there a 'pc' term for black people outside of america?
i for one think that things like this show how stupid that label is in the first place. if barack obama meets paul ince the media here would explode scanners style. you couldnt possibly put 'the first african american presidential nominee' in the same caption as 'first black epl manager'

also, his son better be good

Lingering Bursitis said...

No, espana is winning, silly.

As for Paul Ince, I am amazed. He has done wonders for MK Dons, but I figured his work wasn't quite finished there yet.

He is clearly getting the experience needed to take over for Fergie though, this much is certain. One of Old Trafford's most beloved players has to return home and manage some time, right?

Him and Roy Keane will fight to the death for that job, should it ever become available.