Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

I am going to go ahead and apologize for this post right off the bat. There is really no good reason to bring this shirt to you. The club, Bury, are a midtable club in League Two in England. They used to be a pretty good squad--eighty years ago. Bury relegated out of the (old, old) First Division in 1926 and have never made it back. The club itself may become best known as the team that owns the ground where FC United of Manchester play, should the xenophobic upstarts continues to make their way up the English leagues.

Actually, I guess there is a reason to bring this post to you. Goddamn this shirt is ugly.

Based on my quick and shoddy research, this is Bury's away shirt from either the 1993-'94 season or from '94-'95. Either way, it doesn't really matter, most of these shirts have certainly found their way to whatever the Mancunian version of a Goodwill is by now. Not this one, though. This one is for sale on the Brit ebays. Take a look at what you get. You get a stylish (just ask Wimbledon) colo(u)r combination in purple and green. Plus you get a shirt that has instant party written all over your midsection. I don't know what "Birthdays" is (I hope it's code for stag parties), but I love how the pastel ice cream colo(u)rs interact with the fierce and brooding ones on the shirt.

Seriously, why can't sponsors get on board with the teams and keep colo(u)r confusion like this from happening? Why do clubs even let this happen? I know that everyone is chasing the almighty pound (or euro) these days, but clubs need to start refusing sponsors when they make your shirt look like something a profoundly retarded kid would say "no thanks" to. Even if you have to end up with a Pro Evo-looking shirt like this.

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