Sunday, May 11, 2008

UF Weekend Hat Trick

Whew. It's all over in England. Manchester United win the title, Fulham stay up, and the Thirdsenal and Liverfourth live up to their names.

This week saw an explosion of commenting on UF, especially in our new series, whudafxup?. To start with, we asked just what the hell is wrong with Arsenal and Liverpool. Let berbakeane enlighten you on what poor people we all are.

We also discovered that, even if you run such a post on the weekend, internet tough guys love to look at tits, it doesn't matter if said tits are fake, or if they are better left clothed.

What else do interwebs users like to know about? They like to know when famous guys hook up with trannies. Especially if the WWL uses the word tranny in their headline.

Finally, because we have to do one better than Alfonso Alves here at UF, don't forget to keep an eye on our Euro 2008 previews. Informative and joke-filled, they are undoubtedly your best guide to the summer's premier tournament.

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