Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Did we mention we were first on the Fulham story?

Some people disagree with us [Guardian] (Second Item)
Citeh will be lucky that fan behavio(u)r does not count [Telegraph]
Chelsea had the worst respect to referee rating. Shocking [Times Online]

Other stuff, including a Man City head-scratcher after the jump.

SGE, still fired, to lead Man City tour of Asia [BBC]
Grainy, nekkid pics taken in a soccer stadium. Remember art is what the people with money say it is [CBC]
There is never a slow moment in the Peterborough Sunday Morning League [Peterborough Today]
Kevin Garnett is a fake Chelsea fan, so says the Lithuanian ManU fan [AP] (very bottom)
It's a convoluted story. Let's just say Walter Smith is grasping at 15 year old straws [Daily Record]

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