Monday, May 12, 2008

England should probably start looking for a new manager

Ever since Fabio Capello took over the England job, there have been rumo(u)rs that he had some outstanding legal problems. Now, it seems that those problems are catching up to him. Further, said problems might land him in jail for up to six years. How does one say "We fucked up" in the Queen's English anyway?

Yes, it seems the English FA did mot perform due diligence in checking Mr. Capello's background. Capello is close to being charged with perjury as Italian investigators confirmed that his testimony from an earlier trial is under investigation. He is not being investigated for outright lying, but for withholding information. However, in Italy, the sin of omission is as great as the sin of commission, at least in the court of law.

So what does the FA have to say about this? Well, not much. An FA spokesman said, "This is a private matter and will remain so." Huh. I'm not so sure that millions of English football fans will agree with you when you have to hire a new coach during the next qualifying cycle. Still, at least the FA doesn't have to worry about Capello exiting during the Euros. I mean, he can exit at that time, it just won't be detrimental to the team.

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Keith said...

Hey, I hear Sven Goran Eriksson is available.

/male anatomy reference