Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday Backpasses: Los Campesinos backing a Cardiff City win

Schoolboy set to play in FA Cup final is a complete moron [The Sun]
Bulgarian keeper who plays in Holland, that hotbed of defense, dates hot model []
English manager fired for coaching team to promotion too many times [Guardian Blogs]
ESPN rumo(u)red to be in the bidding for EPL in 2009 [EPL Talk]

Other stuff, plus video, after the jump

In the last round in Italy, the second place team's fan are not allowed to travel, but the first place team's are []
Journalists who broke/mad-up story on gambling on football in Vietnam have been arrested [Casino Gambling Web]
How English footballers buy their homes. With sample homes for sale [Telegraph]
Dunga drops overrated player from Brazil squad, again [Soccerway]

Finally, this is how ESPN is going to market the Euros. You have been warned.

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Mike Georger said...

i already dont like that ramsey kid and i dont know why.
wait yes i do, hes probably going to sign for united

espn would suck, not because of their announcers b/c fox isnt any better, but would they really pre-empt the holy grail that is college football for any games after eleven in the morning? i doubt it. granted i remember awful announcing posting a story about this in november and nothing further materialized