Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Holy crap, it's late

Chelsea teammates caught drinking and driving on film [This is Extra Time]
Convicted bad driver rates a kid [Guardian Blogs]
Dudes, he's 10 [The Soccer Blog]
iVillage sends us stuff, we oblige by linking [iVillage]

For some reason, we have two Vietnamese links, come see them after the jump.

Arsenal to promote Vietnamese instant coffee. ü75 struggles to find relevant joke [Thanh Nien News]
Thai U-19 team show some real class by not accepting winner's trophy at tournament because of bad penalty call. Bonus--the other team intentionally missed the kick. [Thanh Nien News]
Former Liverpool player has one hell of an interesting career after football [Soccernet]
Beasley ready to be hurt again [US Soccer Global]
Heerenveen, Michael Bradley's home for now, qualify for UEFA Cup [Soccer America Daily]
An interesting idea for the dispersal of Fair Play UEFA Cup spots [Reuters Blogs]

Now go to sleep. Jeez.

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