Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Lo, there was much chaos in Manchester

Hey, look! We're successful! Not enough that our whole XI can quit our jobs or anything, but enough that someone is ripping off our material to try to get adwords revenue. We readily admit to not being skilled enough to pull it off, but if someone wants to rampage Cowherd-audience style and pull off a DDoS, well, you'd do so here.

On to the links.

Oliver Kahn to play last game. Good riddance says I[Soccernet]
Here's a helping hint. If you say you have high contacts, you had better have thos contacts [Gulf Daily News]
Rich Germans to spend WC 2010 on a cruise ship. [Independent Online]
Maradona pulls off butt trap and dives for a penalty in charity game [The Spoiler]
Marcus Hahnemann starts negotiations for a transfer, in a way [Sports Illustrated]
Liverpool stadium looks to be a no go, at least with current ownership [Soccernet]

Finally, The Sun has plenty of transfer rumo(u)rs

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