Monday, May 12, 2008

BREAKING: Unconfirmed Rumor that Fulham Has Earned the UEFA Spot

My mate Adam just texted me to say that Fox Soccer Channel totally just announced that Fulham will get the UEFA fair play spot -- a story that, as far as we can tell, we were the first to break.

Yup, this constitutes an exclusive for UF. God knows it's probably wrong but, well, we're a blog so we are supposed to get things wrong.


Precious Roy said...

The more I look at this, the less likely it seems.

Not sure whether to believe the spokesman or wikipedia, but I'm not entirely convinced fan behavio(u)r doesn't count.

In either event the red and the yellow only cost Citeh 4 points on a maximum of 10. So give them 6 for that and give them just an average score for all the other categories AND a 1 for fan behavior. Then divide by 40 and multiply by 10.

They get a score of 5.25.

If I'm understanding this right, Fulham need to make up 8 points. So even if they max out, they can't get better than a 10-score, meaning they only make up 4.75 points.

There are several guesses in there, but I don't think the two Citeh cards and some chair throwing fans are going to be enough to do it.

Sorry, to un-scoop us. Of course the criteria seem to allow for enough leeway that the FA could be so ashamed by Man City that they jerrymander this to avoid rewarding Trashcan Sinatra.

Precious Roy said...

Here's a different link with a different breakdown in scoring.

Still a little confused on the point distribution as I'm not sure we're found a definitive breakdown for scoring. It's fun speculation in any event.

Goat said...

This whole thing makes the MLS playoff system look sensible.