Monday, June 8, 2009

Windass Gets A Game

Jackass, I mean Windass. Joker Dean to get a farewell from Hull City.

He was on the Hull bench all of last season. He bitched about it and ended up on loan to Oldham. But now Dean Windass is getting a gold watch, in the form of a one off game in August.

Local lad Windass is a Hull favorite and fired the Tigers into the Premier League with a spectacular strike (see bottom) in the Colaship play-off final last year, but the Premiership was out of touch. At 40, Windass couldn't expect to be a regular in Hull City's Premier League team could he? He did!


Anyway, the stocky striker is now getting a game to wave goodbye to the fans. There are no details of the match yet, but one suspects that it will be part of Hull's pre-season preparations.

Windass scored one solitary Premier League goal last season against Porstmouth in November. Windass has played for 12 teams throughout his career and scored 201 goals. Impressive. He also holds the record of oldest Hull striker ever. It is likely he will now head into a coaching role. Possibly with current team Darlington.

Absolute belter. Note the pass from Fraizer Campbell, on loan from Manchester United. Campbell is deciding whether to re-join Hull, but permanently this time for 6 million smackers.


ΓΌ75 said...

Thanks for including an Aberdeen pic.

epiblast said...

Hull City signed Campbell? I can't find anything on it yet. Help.

Mike Georger said...

They haven't signed him yet according to Hull, the offer has been accepted by United and they're currently in negotiations with him.

Bigus Dickus said...

My bad epiblast. Sorry. He is going to though. :)

epiblast said...

Giddy Up!

EbullientFatalist said...

I style my weekend play on Windass: slow, think I'm better than I actually am, but can provide a goal when needed. Mock me if you will, but it's more realistic than me pretending I'm Walcott.

Spectator said...

This will always be my favorite photoshop that's been featured on the Guardian. Crude but hilarious.