Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Backpasses: What to say?

We really have no idea why this landed in our inbox. Lord knows we are a bunch of lushes. Still, I can say that I would never rub vomit in my hair while sober. So that point is valid.

Hillsborough Memorial vandalized. Coppers searching Steven Cohen's last known whereabouts [WAATP?]
This will end badly [Contact the Players]
This is how I want to retire [Dirty Tackle]

UF favorite (and Facebook buddy) Dean Moxey moving to Derby [This is Sparta Exeter]
Large breasted Playboy model fancies Cristiano. Ha ha, Red Scouse, she's a LIverpool gal [The Spoiler]
When is a surprise call up a hassle? When it causes you to forfeit thousands of pounds you already spent on your vacation [Off the Post]

LA Galaxy are almost a lock to set a MLS record this season. The one for most draws [Soccer Training Info]

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EbullientFatalist said...

Is Kaka really worth 92m US? Methinks not. But hey, capitalism, so WEEEEEEE!!!!