Friday, June 12, 2009

Africa News Roundup

Lost in the hullabaloo of the Ronaldo transfergasm yesterday were a few stories from Africa worth noting.

  • Zimbabwe's U-17 youth soccer team was invited to the 2010 Junior Olympics as the African representative. Why? Because Zimbabwe was the only team not caught using overage players that used players of the proper age. Henrietta Rushwaya who claims this invite is a vindication of the decision to follow the rules as though she had to struggle with that choice. You might recall Rushwaya is the soccer chief who likes to sleep with her country's national team players.

  • The Premier League trophy made a trip to Uganda recently much to the delight of the Ugandans. While Uganda may be a third world country, it's smack talk is certainly first rate as a 19 year-old Ugandan laid the smack down on Steven Gerrard bunny hard core style (H/T ONTD FB).
"I'm so happy," beamed 19-year-old Daniel Okei. "I thought that trophy only existed on TV. But now I've been closer to it than Steven Gerrard ever has!"
  • Swaziland soccer "star" Mduduzi ‘Aghahowa’ Mdluli was arrested for stealing a light bulb. Aghahowa had just purchased his booze from the liquor store and had bright idea as he walked out to steal the light bulb. Or perhaps the light went out in his head and he wanted to replace it. Or maybe it was for his Uncle Fester trick. I have no idea.

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