Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random EPL Sighting Possible In Rhode Island

This is completely random, but it appears Manchester United midfielder Nani, who is looking to fill the shoes of the recently departed Cristiano Ronaldo, will be in Rhode Island tomorrow. Nani is bringing along his countryman Ricardo Vaz Te, a winger for Bolton Wanderers of the Premier League. The two Portuguese will be on hand for the Day of Portugal celebration for Rhode Island.

Apparently, June 10 was the Day of Portugal holiday celebrated by Portuguese speaking areas around the world and this weekend there will be additional celebrations in Rhode Island.

If anybody wants to or can make the trek to Rhode Island, there is a UF post in it for you.

Nani and Vaz Te are scheduled to be a part of the soccer demonstration during Youth Day portion of the celebration. Joining the two Premier League players will be Nani's cousin Fabio Ivan who was the reason Nani is even attending. Ivan plays for the USL PDL Rhode Island Stingrays club. Nani will also be on hand to sign autographs at a Stingrays match Saturday evening.

If we had known about this earlier and you are under 21, you could have registered for the soccer demonstration. For more information on Youth Day go here or here.

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Mike Georger said...

My scouts in FM are always suggesting Vaz Te. Granted I hired away all of United and Real's scouts, so I guess they know something.