Monday, June 8, 2009

Know Thy Enemy!

Know Your Enemy. If you haven't seen this feature before then read this. Ah screw it, heres a brief explanation.

Norwich dropped into the unknown cellar known as League One, a place filled with teams that no one knows anything about. I guess we should find out more no? So far we have learned all about the delights of east London's forgotten warriors Leyton Orient and the once known but lost Brighton and Hove Albion. Where to next? How about.....Swindon!

Ah Swindon Town. Like Brighton, they have had their moments. I have been there, when they played in the old Division One, now the Colaship. I remember a Darren Eadie thunderbolt finding its way into the top corner and getting wet in the uncovered (then) stand behind the goal where away supporters where housed (roofless).

So what do we know about Swindon? Well, Swindon is 40 miles east of Bristol and where Honda make the small micro car, the 'Jazz' and the Civic I believe? Swindon has a population of 155,000 yet only 7,000 head to the County Ground to see the The Robins play.

Swindon's Badge.

Formed in 1879, Town has had it's 15 mins of fame. Back in 59 they beat Arsenal to win the League Cup and more recently they spent one season in the Premier League in 92-93. Promoted via the play-off final and victory over Leicester City, Town were terrible. They won just 5 top-flight games and conceded a whopping 100 goals, a feat that has not been bettered (or worsened?).

Glenn Hoddle (and his faith healer presumably) got Swindon up to the Prem and he took them down again, before moving to Chelsea (with his faith healer).

Swindon's biggest rivals are Oxford United but they also have a disliking for Brisol City, Bristol Rovers and Reading. Swindon fans refer to Oxford as 'Poxford' and in return they are affectionatley known as 'Scumdon'.

Former players include Lou Macari, Glenn Hoddle, Ossie Ardiles, Chris Kammara, Jimmy Quinn, Jon Moncur and of course Fraser Digby.

Fraser Digby has acquired some notable fame, eclipsing his mediaocre goalkeeping career after featuring on the superb BBC 606 Danny Baker show weekly this past season. A caller told Baker of his tour of the County ground including the changing rooms. Digby's washbag was there and the tourist snatched his tortoiseshell comb.

Ever since, Baker has asked listeners to change the words to famous songs to tell the story of Digby's missing comb. Digby himself has appeared on ths show. Here are some amusing examples.

The Beatles...Ooof.

Maggie May.

Fraser himself.

Last season, Swindon finished 15th in League One. Currently their manager is former Sheffield Wednesday and Barnsley gaffer Danny Wilson. Wilson took over the Robins in Dec 2008.


Eladio said...

As David Brent would say, don't let that Swindon lot slag you off.

Whizalen said...

nice, eladio. I expected the whole piece to be one giant David Brent send up.

Bigus Dickus said...

and It wasn't but the comments are. :)