Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Confederations Cup TV Schedule

The Confederations Cup TV Schedule was promised to you today and dadgummit we'll keep our promises. This the quick and dirty overview straight from the ESPN press release. All games will be available on ESPN or ESPN2 in high definition, which is awesome. All games will also be available on ESPN360.com and some matches will be on something called ESPN Mobile TV.

The ESPN 360 placement is good for US viewers since most matches will be during the workday. Of course, that is only if you get ESPN 360. It does look like Comcast customers will soon be getting access to it, but it is not clear when exactly that access will be available.

The best or most intriguing matches appear to be any match in the USA, Italy, Brazil, and Egypt group. Spain's group is essentially a rose petal lined walk to the semifinals. But, there should be at least one good semifinal match.

Full schedule after the jump.

2009 Confederations Cup TV SCHEDULE
All times EASTERN
Schedule is subject to change

Date Time (ET) Networks Match

Group Phase
Su 6/14
9:55 a.m. E2/360/Mo. TV South Africa vs. Iraq
2:25 p.m. E2/360 New Zealand vs. Spain

Mo 6/15
9:55 a.m. E2/360/Mo. TV Brazil vs. Egypt
2:25 p.m. E1/360/Mo. TV USA vs. Italy

We 6/17
9:55 a.m. E2/360/Mo. TV Spain vs. Iraq
2:25 p.m. E2/360/Mo. TV South Africa vs. New Zealand

Th 6/18
9:55 a.m. E2/360 USA vs. Brazil
2:25 p.m. E2/360/Mo. TV Egypt vs. Italy

Sa 6/20
2:25 p.m. E2/360/Mo. TV Spain vs. South Africa

Su 6/21
1:00 a.m. E2/360* Iraq vs. New Zealand

Su 6/21
2:25 p.m. E2/360/Mo. TV Egypt vs. USA
2:25 p.m. E1/360 Italy vs. Brazil

Semifinals Stage

We 6/24
2:25 p.m. E1/360/Mo. TV
Th 6/25
2:25 p.m. E1/360/Mo. TV

Confederations Cup 3rd Place Match and Final on ESPN2

Su 6/28
8:55 a.m. E2/360/Mo. TV 3rd Place Match
2:25 p.m. E2/360/Mo. TV Final

*(Game will air live on ESPN360 on Saturday, June 20, at 2:25 p.m.)

E2 – ESPN2
360 – ESPN360.com
Mo-TV – ESPN Mobile TV


jjf3 said...

Sweet. I get to see my Dad on the day before Father's Day (Sat), while still watching Egypt-USA live...(long story short, but I generally only see my parents on Saturdays)

Heaven forbid I miss Spain 6-0 SA or Iraq 2-0 New Zealand...

The Fan's Attic said...

Here's an RSS feed of ESPN 360 broadcasts.


Magnakai Haaskivi said...

This is badass; my wife leaves for a weeklong trip to Guatemala next Wednesday, and I'll get to watch international soccer without whining.