Thursday, June 11, 2009

Soccernet is a Neverending Font of Fun

So while perusing the spectrum of Ronaldo news today we came across this. Not the "Look at me, I'm worth £80M" pic, but checkout the table for what Soccernet says is the 2008-2009 season (click on the pic for a better look).

We're not sure what's more impressive:

1) Arsenal finishing 1st and 6th.
2) Liverpool finishing 2nd and 3rd.
3) A League One team finishing 9th (Yet somehow behind Everton with more points).
4) Newcastle not in the relegation zone.

Well done, ESPN. That's a lot of astonishing for one table. At least Tottenham's position seems about right.

We now await to hear what your afternoon talking heads say about the Ronaldo transfer while they pretend that they don't know absolutely nothing about soccer.

In partially related Ronaldo news, everyone within a two mile radius of him probably picked up an STD this morning when they went out for their morning paper.

Just kidding. Nobody gets the newspaper anymore. The STD epidemic in LA is probably imminent though.


David said...

The most telling part is Leeds United are in the top half of the table. Low how the mighty have fallen.

The Fan's Attic said...

Oh how times have changed. Last year Real Madrid was snubbed by ManU in its quest to conquer Mt. Ronaldo just like Paris Hilton's attempts to scale the greasy mountain were by the mountain itself.

Mike Georger said...

More shocking: I'm not the one that submitted this.

amy said...

rofl.. congrats to Arsenal.

I live an hour from LA, C-Ron better keep his STDs contained in LA. ::shudder::