Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stay Tuned To ITV For A Special Presentation of 'Heidi' Following Tonight's FA Cup Match

Not to be outdone by Comcast in Arizona, ITV decided to have a laugh with all of England.

Everton were hosting Liverpool Wednesday for their 4th Round FA Cup replay. After almost 3 and a half hours of football (including the draw at Anfield about 10 days ago) the two teams were still even, and seemingly headed for penalty kicks. But two minutes from time youngster Dan Gosling scored the winner to send the Toffees on and the Reds out of the cup. Too bad nobody in England saw it.

On the plus side, they didn't have to see Evan Stone flap his dong around either.

But moments before Gosling's winner ITV inexplicably went to commercials. And fucking weird ones, too. For a second it was like someone put the Altered States of Drugachusetts back on TV. Good to see that ad men in Britain get as high as this kid before they go to work in the morning.

It really is incredible timing. Almost two hours of football on Wednesday and ITV manages to pick the only moments to royally screw things up. Again, this is about 12-and-a-half minutes into the second period of extra time (so maths: after 117:30 of 120 minutes).

But on another level, maybe they were sparing the Reds from a literal telling of events in favor of a more metaphorical one. Two workaday guys go after each other, just like the two Liverpudlian sides of Mersey. And right when the one guy gets defenestrated, that's probably about the exact moment that Gosling scored, a symbolic 'throwing through a window' if you will. As performance art, this was a masterpiece. As broadcasting, this was gross fucking incompetence.

Good thing nobody in Liverpool (or the rest of England) really cares about football.


Spectator said...

I love this clip... especially the Tic Tac commercial.

jjf3 said...

For the USMNT fans out there: per Ives, US Soccer is asking fans to wear red to the Mexico match. I've already posted there, but WTF is the US not pushing navy blue???? Red is used by like nearly every nation in the world - I won't even try to put a list together. France and Italy both use medium blues (Italy historically was lighter), and I currently can't think of any major national football team that wears navy blue (which has been a repeated staple of the hodge-podge of our kits nearly forever). Why haven't/aren't we making this the underlying theme of US Soccer?? It's in all of our kits, but we aren't the "Navy" anything (wave/army/whatever)...So US Soccer is asking US fans to wear one of Mexico's colors instead? Really??

Or is this just me??

ü75 said...

I agree completely. Red is overused by the US fanbase. The US should go navy.

(Scotland is your best answer for a competing nation)

phil said...

Agreed, jjf3. I don't understand the push towards red, either. Navy's a good choice.

badly drawn boykins said...

Sam's Army has always worn red, so it makes sense to get the rest of the fans to conform with the largest/most established supporter group. Plus, red pops out more at stadium and on TV than blue.

jjf3 - FWIW, France is wearing a darker shade of blue for the current round of WCQs. And the US did wear red, ever so briefly, from 2000 to 2001 (oh, and the "Don't Tread On Me" limited edition alternates before the '06 World Cup, but I'm entering Paul Lukas territory here).

But here's a thought - since it's Columbus in February and people won't be stripping down to their t-shirts, why don't Nike and USSF distribute commemorative red scarves for fans who show up? How awesome would it be if 20,000 fans were all waving/raising identical scarves?

ü75 said...

BDB! Nice to see you.

Yes, Sam's Army has always worn red. No time like the present to change, though. While red may pop on camera, it gets diluted when you run into a nation that also uses it. Plus, we don't use it that often for the NT's shirts. That's my argument for wearing blue.