Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: Adios for now

The Mike Georgers of the world can breathe safe. ESPN did not win any of the UK EPL rights.

Johnny Two Saints still at Spurs because of a bum ankle [Daily Mail]
Philippe Mexes is a lover, not a fighter [Goal]
Interactive map of Americans in Europe [The Best Eleven]
Headline: Why U.S.-Mexico is soccer's greatest rivalry [Goal]

DuNord goes on hiatus. Hopefully, it's just a short one [DuNord]


Jason D said...

Feel free to delete this if you so choose, but I did a top ten on why USA-Mexico is North America's greatest sports rivalry; slightly different view than Noah Davis'


Mike Georger said...


They could still get the last two packages, but I'm hoping they won't want the sloppy seconds.

ü75 said...

No deletion here, Jason. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Here is an easy to follow link

phil said...

Tim Sherwood authors the understatement of the year:

“Individually, some of the players have the fight and some haven’t,” said Sherwood. “Robbie cares. He really falls out with people when things aren’t going well. We need that. That’s why we tried so hard to get Craig Bellamy because we’ve got a lot of nice guys at the club and, no disrespect, but Craig Bellamy is not very nice. The guy is a winner and he’ll let people know if they’re not pulling their weight. Robbie’s got that in him also. That’s what we need, for sure.”

Andrew said...

Way to be, Mexes. I read the lede, saw "fighting with a boxer," and deduced the outcome.