Friday, February 6, 2009

Hatters Watch

Time for a look at Luton Town. You may remember that UF decided to keep an eye on the Hatters, when they reached 0 points after being docked a whopping 30 by the powers that be. Can they survive the drop into the non-league world of the Blue Square Premier? Lets find out how they are doing.

Ok folks. Not so rosy. Just 2 wins and a whopping 6 draws from the last 10 games (see below). Points are points I guess but they need to find late winners if survival is to be realized.

Luton now have just 2 points and are 19 away from the fishy people of Grimsby and safety. But never fear, there are 18 games left and thats 54 points to play for. However, they are seriously off pace, last time we checked-in they were 14 points from survival.

The Hatters HUGE game with Grimsby was postponed last week due to the snow that shut England down and guess what...The snow is back and taking a grip on the football fixtures for tomorrow. Luton's game with Accrington Stanley is one of many games that has fallen foul of mighty Mother Nature.

Luton's last 10.

Luton 1 Bury 2
Bourenmouth 1 Luton 1
Luton 3 Bradford 3
Brighton 0 Luton 0
Darlington 5 Luton 1
Chester 2 Luton 2
Luton 3 Lincoln 2
Chesterfield 2 Luton 2
Luton 1 Morecombe 1
Luton 1 Colchester o

Luton will head to East Laaandon next, to play the Daggers and UF will be watching!



jjf3 said...

OK, BD, this is where me (the dumb 'merican) gets to test my normally good brain against my brain-cell-killing alcohol intake (but it only kills the weak ones!).

Since you haven't said anything other than "daggers", is that Dagenham?

Either I'm a)right, or b) you all get to call me "tosser", "wanker", and whatever else you can come up with...

Oh, and as a side-note, you can clean up the front page as much as you want, but as long as Georger and I are here, you have no fucking chance of cutting down the fucking swearing...


Spectator said...

Yer fuckin' right, Joe... Daggers = Dag & Red.

jjf3 said...

Alright Adam, its Friday night. Time for the stupidity to return...

My last 2 weeks read like Wile E Coyote chasing the Roadrunner - I think I finally figure it out, I see a great (8-2) start, and then I end up 6 feet past the end of the cliff last Saturday, put up the "Oops" sign, and gravity takes over on Sunday until I become a puff of dirt after making contact (1-9).

On I go anyways...

Citeh 3-0 Boro (adios Teeth)
Rovers 1-2 Villa (even I can't predict a win, or a draw, though a 1-1 wouldn't surprise me)
Spartak London 2-1 Hull City
Everton 1-0 SFB
Sunderland 1-0 Stoke
WBA 2-0 Barcodes
Wigan 0-0 Fulham (ugly game)
Pompey 0-1 Liverpool (ba-bye Adams)
Spurs 1-1 Arsenal
Hammers 1-1 ManUre (this scoreless streak has to end at some point (probably on something silly), and Zola has done something impressive at WH)

jjf3 said...

Thanks, Spectator!

I'm learning as fast as I can, and trying to keep the football information in the "strongest" brain cells...and, no, I did not check if Dag & Red (I was kind of sure that was the full nickname, but I didn't want to stretch my knowledge) was actually in the same league with Luton Town. I find that I learn the best by making a fool of myself sometimes by over-reaching my knowledge...

Adam said...

I was so bored this afternoon, I made comments on my picks too. Read them, because its valuable insight from a man who went 1-9 as well last week, and I'm lookin to go 0-10!

Citeh 2-0 Boro

* Boring, I’ll pass on commenting on this one.

Blackburn 1-2 Villa

* Villa is one of the only consistent squads this season, they blew it last week, though to be fair, Wigan got really lucky and had some quality defense. Blackburn won’t get so lucky.

Chelsea 2-1 Hull City

* Chelsea’s in trouble, I can totally see them fucking this one up, but then again, I don’t.

Everton 1-0 Stupid Fucking Bolton

* Everton come off a massive win midweek, I think that carries them here, only one goal because they might pull out the 4-6-0 formation, though they did just get Jo, so he may come in

Sunderland 2-0 Stoke

* Sunderland’s been hot of late, Stoke hasn’t been hot all season save for the random Rory Delap throw in.

WBA 1-1 Newcastle

* Another boring one, but I can see WBA taking this one since they’ve been playing halfway decent lately.

Wigan 2-1 Fulham

* I think Wigan are getting themselves into the UEFA cup this season, they played a very solid game last week and Fulham have been the bane of my existance in these stupid picks, so Fulham will probably win.

Portsmouth 0-3 Liverpool

* Without Gerrard they’re hurt, but still 10x better than Pompey, perhaps Crouch and Pennant play out of their minds and pull the upset, but no, not happening.

Sp*rs 2-4 Arsenal

* You never know with these North London Derby’s, but I think Arsenal are gonna take this one, especially after what happened last time. Oh and Arshavin will be in the squad!

West Ham 1-3 Man United

* The league leaders keep rolling, ugh.