Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Backpasses: Uncomfortable back rubs for all

Wow. There was a huge turnout for the Facebook group today. I guess it's a lot easier to join when LB puts a link in his post. Anyway, now that we have your last names, we can directly market you a lot easier.

Croatia recall Eduardo for a friendly. So help the Gooner third of us if he gets hurt [Reuters]
It seems that Tottenham players are rather excited about this weekend's game [The Spoiler]
Some ad writers had some fun with the Robbie Keane return to WHL [And Sarah Clapped]
Who caused Kevin Keegan to get banned from driving? Mike Ashley [Off the Post]
Yeah. Why aren't Prem clubs buying from the lower leagues anymore? [Guardian]

Let's get this straight. Gabby Agbonlahor likes to touch, not be touched [Dirty Tackle]


offthepost said...

In a mirroring of the old Law & Order video, we did Gabi (to coin a phrase) almost a fornight ago!

So we stole this one first!

JT said...

ha ha ha ha, and the score is tied!

ü75 said...

Sorry about that. I missed it before.