Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Backpasses: It's going to happen

Whether or not it's a good thing will be decided later. I just wanted a reason to post this picture stolen from Sarah's blog. Easily one of my top football photos of all time.

The inevitable Mike-Riley-should-never-ref-a-big-match-again post [EPL Talk]
Colaship player shown how to take a throw-in by an opposing fan [Off The Post]
Crazy fan, foreign language [Dirty Tackle]

For a slight change, here is your Graham-Poll-says-Mike-Riley-should-never-ref-a-big-game-again post. [Guardian]
Harry Redknapp interview with aid of Harry Redknapp interview flowchart. Scary stuff [Off The Post]
(English) Football's Top 10 trouble makers [Daily Soccer]
*sigh* Becks shows off his package some more. Consider this payment, Sarah, for stealing the Arshavin pic [Sports Crackle Pop]

We hope Drew Carey is better as a part-owner than he is kicking a ball [The Offside Rules]


Mike Georger said...

After viewing this picture I realized the Kuyt jersey I bought yesterday is from 2006 when he was still wearing 7, IVE BEEN HAD!

Looks like Dirk has a puppet in that picture.

Mike Georger said...

"Pennant appeared to put the past behind him and won the Champions League with Liverpool"

Uh, no. He joined the club like fifteen months after Istanbul.

Do appreciate the Bellamy picture in that article though, for my money that goal celebration is the best of all time, even better than the legendary line of coke celebration. Still wish we had held onto him instead of Riise.

ü75 said...

Yes. A non-responsive puppet.

Sarah said...

That picture makes me laugh every time I see it. And I'm glad the whole saga is finally over.

The Graham Poll article spelled Xabi Alonso's name wrong. Xavi is a completely different player.

The NY Kid said...

@Sarah - that drove me absolutely nuts during the Euro 2008. Xabi ≠ Xavi, KTHXBAI.

Sarah said...

"And I'm glad the whole saga is finally over."

You know, or not...

Precious Roy said...

Click the link again Sarah... Apparently those quotes were fabricated and not from the FA.

Sarah said...

Jesus Christ, I hate transfer season.

Andrew said...

@Sarah: when you first posted that pic I about lost it. Arshavin looks resigned to a fate worse than winning a header.

Kuyt looks especially Slothy, too.

ü75 said...

All better now, Sarah. Deal's approved.