Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Can't say I hate her for it

While we are cleaning up our language (mostly) around here, come join us on the Facebook tomorrow for the First Annual "Cuss in Your Status Post" Day. Also, join the UF group if you haven't already. It makes us feel good.

Edu set up Beasley for a goal last night in Rangers friendly against AC Milan. Nice to see any playing time for those two [The Beautiful Game]
Throwing socks? Really? [The Spoiler]
El Salvador NY under investigation for faking multiple injuries in a match [Trinidad Express]

Kevin Keegan gets his license suspended for driving 6 MPH over the limit (and other stuff) [Soccerway]
Jimmy Bullard will play for Germany if called [Soccernet]

Stevie G's WAG says girls should not get boob jobs. Why? Because, after having kids, she has a hard time fitting into designer duds. Boo hoo [Metro]


Mike Georger said...

No 'Jimmy Bullard Looks like the guy who dies from AIDS in Trainspotting' tag?

ü75 said...

I try to keep things simple for backpasses. If I have to tag for every story, I'll have an aneurysm.

Andrew said...

I got tired with research proposals so I decided to join the facebook group. I instantly felt cooler.

The NY Kid said...

We're cleaning up our language?