Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick Throw: Beckham Wants OUT

In news that should surprise precisely no one, David Beckham went on the record today confirming, for the first time and in no uncertain terms, that he wants to leave MLS and the Galaxy for a permanent stay in Milan.

Initial report after the jump.

GLASGOW, Feb 4 (Reuters) - David Beckham said for the first

time on Wednesday that he would like to quit LA Galaxy in the

United States and make a permanent move to AC Milan.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder

added that he might want to end his career at Milan and that

playing for them would enhance his chances of another World Cup

with England in South Africa next year.

"I have expressed my desire now to stay in Milan and

hopefully the clubs can come to some agreement,"
Beckham, who is

on loan with the Italian giants, told reporters.

"I expected to enjoy it (in Milan), but I didn't expect to

enjoy it this much and play in every game like I have,"

Beckham, who has made a significant impact in Serie A.

"I have said that my intentions are to stay here. Now it is

out of my hands so I have to wait and see,"
he added after

playing for the first half of Milan's friendly against Rangers

at Ibrox.

"My main objective is to stay at this club and I enjoy

playing here and at the highest level and it would give me more

of a chance (of playing in the World Cup),"
the former

33-year-old England captain said.

"I have not spoken to Galaxy, but someone has from my side

and it is literally down to them to come to some sort of

agreement and hopefully they will."

Asked if he would like to finish his career at AC Milan

Beckham replied, "Yes, possibly."


Mike Georger said...

Why are they playing a friendly in the middle of the season?

jjf3 said...

The same reason ManUre flies to the Middle East for a "testimonial" - to make even more money.

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...

My memory may be failing me again, but the last time AC Milan turned up in Glasgow, didnt Celtic beat them?

Here's hoping that the Italians piss all over the Bluenoses at Castle Greyskull.

Ibracadabra said...

I live in LA and am actually quite happy to see Becks stay in Milan. He deserves better than the Galaxy. Not to mention, if I feel like checking out a footie match at the Home Depot Center, I'll be able to pick up tickets for $15 like the good old days, rather than the $50 a pop Beckham-super-charged prices.

Spectator said...

@Georger & jjf3: And because no Champions League income.