Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mercy for Bosingwa is not bestowed upon the linesman

In a season marred by contentious referring decisions, the rakish move of unibrowed right-back Jose Bosingwa is perhaps the worst, as both Riley and the linesmen decided no action should be taken. In the insane world of the FA, the non-call on the pitch has rendered them impotent and unable to review and properly discipline Bosingwa, despite the fact that they set the rules and could/should probably change that particular clause so they can ban the lad for 10 games or so.

That said, the mercy shown to Bosingwa by Mo Matadar, aka the guy who was inches from the incident and shown on tape waving his flag like a man possessed, was not returned in kind, as the FA have dumped him down to League Two for a while.

Mo will be running the touchline at the Grimsby Town/Exeter match, where he'll no doubt realize the error of his ways and will perhaps learn to assert himself better on the pitch next time.

I do like that the FA punishes its staff for egregious errors on the pitch (still waiting for Riley's rebuke, by the way), but honestly, is this the right way to do it? Now all it means is that some poor, struggling lower league minnow is stuck with incompetence that could possibly ruin their game as well.

To further emphasize this point, the ref in Matadar's game will be Stuart Atwell, the moron who gave a goal even though it hit the side netting in a recent Reading/Watford Colaship clash.

So look out Mariners and Grecians fans, the failed officials are heading to your game.

Prepare rotten fruit/veg accordingly.

(In case you missed it the first time...)


King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...

You missed a tag.

"The F.A is a wanker"

The Fan's Attic said...

Just looking at that photo, it doesn't appear that the linesman was even looking at Benayoun's backside. He was more interested in the ball and whether it went over the line. I bet he didn't see it. Ergo, Bosingwa should be suspended or Riley saw it and did nothing about it and he should be suspended/demoted.

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...

Be fair, TFA, would you spend your professional life gazing at Benayoun's hind quarters?