Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Throw: Gooners rejoice as Toffee comes unstuck

Besides applauding my wit in crafting headlines, all the Gooners can breathe a sign of relief that their key rivals in the fight for 5th have just lost their Fabregas.

Everton will be without Mikel Arteta for at least 6 months due to ACL damage that requires surgery, and David Moyes admits it's bad.

"Injuries are part of football but what we'll miss is that we don't have the squad or numbers to do it. You've got to have the numbers, and that's where our problem comes."
And so, we bid adieu to Everton in the hunt for Top 5. Now all we need is Villa to receive some bad news from their physio (Keith: laying low since losing to Chelsea?), and the collective misery will be complete.

Then, we can all weep at the feet of the wretched Satanism emanating from Old Trafford.

[Guardian Sport]


Precious Roy said...

This is actually a bummer. I love Arteta, and I also think that had Everton pulled within two points yesterday it might have lit a fire under the Gunners' collective asses to maybe start scoring (looking at you RvP and your 19th minute wiff of an open net).

Keith said...

We've already gotten some bad news from our physio, thanks. Martin Laursen still hasn't played for the last 3 weeks, and doesn't look like he will until April. Then again, we are getting Bouma back, which means the likely end of the "Carlos Cuellar:Right Back" experiment, which led to the "James Milner: Right Back" experiment in the waning moments of the Spartak fixture (and I was laying low Saturday, but that was from the pints drank with the lone Mackem fan at Nevada's during the Arse/Sunderland match, and singing to Arsene's love for children)

Bigus Dickus said...

Losing Arteta does not finish Everton. They have plenty of depth in midfield. Van der Meyde, Pia Pia Pienaar, Osman, Fellaini, Cahill, Liverpool killer Gosling and lets not forget new wonder kid Jack Rodwell. Sorry Gooners. I doubt they will mis Mikkel that much.

JT said...

Pienaar and Fellaini both have annoying injuries, and Gosling and Rodwell do not equal Arteta. They looked lost without that dynamo in midfield, the same way Arse and LFC struggle without Cesc and Stevie G/Alonso.

Love of the league said...

The match agaist NewCastle just proved what Arteta was worth. One shot at at goal in the 2nd half against a 10 men Newcastle which is not a great defensive unit is poor. Without Rteta I think Everton loses their attacking strength. They will find it easier to draw but very very difficult to win