Friday, February 27, 2009


So close, but so far away.

It appears we have a winner in the Rick-Rafa tug-o-war that's been simmering on behind the Shankly Gates at Anfield.

After less then a year after having dismissed Tom Hicks' calls for his head, Liverpool's Chief Executive will be stepping down at the end of the season.

Parry will have been at the helm for 12 years, but his absolute safety disappeared when David Moores sold the club to G & H. Over the years, there have been grumblings that Liverpool haven't kept up (financially/marketing-wise, in this case) with the financial juggernaut that is Manchester United, which many saw as a direct result of Parry's short-sightedness. His position has recently come under further fire as Rafa has wrestled for full-control of transfers; Benitez has used Parry's involvement in the securement of players to drag his feet on signing a new contract. But, now with Rick on his way out, Poor Sven's Almanac suggests the winds have changed direction towards Benitez re-upping with Liverpool. (unless you're of the belief that Rafa leaves for Madrid this summer, with The Special One replacing his old rival at Anfield... but that probably just means you should stop reading The S*n)

The Guardian reports that Ian Ayre, LFC's Commerical Director, is next to step into what will likely be a watered-down position.

But, don't cry for Rick Parry. Even in this tough global economic environment, Parry should find himself a cushy job with the FA (or maybe the Premier League) in the none-too-distant future.


Keith said...

So Rick turned around and deserted Liverpool? What a let down.

epiblast said...

Yes, we are SO upset now that Rafa will probably stay. Does the sarcastic tone come across?

The Fan's Attic said...

if Rafa doesn't sign the damn contract now, i'm sure he's gone this summer.

Mike Georger said...

Now I've been hard on Benitez, but I've been calling for Parry's head for a long time. If he was the one behind a lot of the transfers, he is a terrible decision maker. And he was the reason the relationship between Rafa and the owners turned south in the first place.

However, had Rafa got his way and signed Barry instead of Keane, Alonso would be gone now and he should be PFA POTY in my opinion. So Rafa ain't perfect either.

sven said...
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