Thursday, February 26, 2009

Introducing... Norwichomon

We've not mentioned it on the site yet, but Bigus and I, along with Relegation Zone Mikey (the hapless Yiddo referenced from time to time in Hirshey's old DS column) and a couple of others, are heading to England tonight for a spot of live footy.

The cumulative effect of weeks and months of desperate searching for pirated feeds has finally broken us down, and it's high time for a little trip.

And what better weekend than this one in front of us?

We won't be blogging live or anything, as that would be insane; however, we'll be putting together some reports from the road, undoubtedly having two very different impressions of the same events.

And so, Norwichomon was born, the chance for us to report on his beloved Colaship team, as well as the spectacle of New Wembley, the lop-sided nature of the fixture on paper, and the wonderful bureaucracy known as the FA in action.

Our schedule is light, but deadly:
- Norwich City v. Coventry City on Saturday, in what promises to be a must-win for those relegation-threatened Canaries
- Man United v. Spurs in the Carling Cup Final on Sunday.

We'll try and grab a few pictures along the way, including some from a scheduled night out with some of the Norwich players and coaches. We can't promise much, but you can bet I'll be trying to pull a Gerrard and get some DJ knocked out should he not play any Phil Collins.


├╝75 said...

Will there be heroin involved? I only ask because of the "h" tag.

The Fan's Attic said...

I presume you guys will be piercing the rear guard the whole time just like ManU will do to Spurs.

Sarah said...

Maybe it's a reference to the fact that the English pronounce the "h" in words like herb. They're just trying to minimise the impending culture shock.

The NY Kid said...

Our schedule is light, but deadly

Thus describing the exact opposite of Bigus and LB themselves.

Bigus Dickus said...

Shut it frenchy. I'm on the train to jfk. Hoo ha. Up the City!!

Goat said...

u75--Who are you, Joe Friday? "H, horse, junk, smack, brown sugar, tar..."

Keith said...

@ NY Kid-

They ain't heavy, they're our bloggers!

/tip your waitress

Andrew said...

@Keith: +1 (I think)

Mike Georger said...

Lot harder to win European games when you can't rely on handballs to be ruled good goals, eh Milan?

I don't wish death upon any man, but if they could all lose a leg I'd be happy.