Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: His painting is nice

Before we get started tonight, a quick recap of the day's Champions League action:
Draw-Draw-Draw-Arsenal Win.
Well, that works for me. On to the links

OK, OK, I'll expand. Juninho's goal was sublime. Bendtner is shite. This goal was the funniest thing of the day [101 Great Goals]
Quick update: the BNP has cancelled their march in Liverpool that upset the Everton-Stoke game [BBC]
Wait. Which one is real and which one is fake? [The Offside]

Oldest and youngest goal scorer in select leagues this season. Jozy shows up twice [The Best Eleven]
Real Madrid president figures the tie with Liverpool will be a 5-1 cakewalk [Daily Mail]
Indian Sports Minister says hero team of 1956 could beat modern day Indian squad [Reuters]

There are times to run a group celebration after a goal. This was not one of them [Dirty Tackle]


ü75 said...

Also, apparently Darren Fletcher's house got robbed. Scary.

The Likely Lad said...

is that the matt damon "art?" fuck will hunting.

ü75 said...

No. That's Bendtner's.

The Likely Lad said...

they both suck. then.

phil said...

That keeper did nothing wrong.

/Paul Robinson

Andrew said...

Bendtner should switch sports. Anything but football.

Andrew said...

What's Julie Foudy doing hosting FirstTake?

Goat said...

Andrew, are you admitting to actually watching First Take?

Andrew said...

@Goat: Umm, no? I was switching channels . . . ? Yeah, that's it, I was switching channels.