Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Backpasses: The scene that celebrates itself.

My favorite musical genre of the 90s was shoegaze. Since we have a couple of navel-gazing links here today, I thought it appropriate to add in a video. Buzzsaw of noise, help me out (not for epileptic dogs):

A couple of quick notes before the links.
1) Although we dutifully did the polling and compiling, the power rankings are being pushed back to next week, in part because of
2) We will be doing previews of all of the Champions League Round of 16 ties around lunchtime tomorrow. Well, four tomorrow and four on Wednesday. We look forward to your presence then.

We have been called "snarky cynics". You have no idea how happy that makes some of us [Zidane Fans]
Hey, some soccer fans from Deadspin started a blog. I wonder why no one tried that before? Seriously, good luck fellas (esp. UF commenter Magnaki Haaskivi) [Avoiding the Drop]
Sorry, Landon. We're glad you tried. But with reviews like this, it's obvious you are coming home [Soccer America]

SAF is devious. Perhaps if he had not signaled his intention, it would have worked [The Spoiler]
You know it's a bad day when you concede 9 as a keeper, and are your team's MotM [Daily Mail]
Some Spanish player cuddles up with drag queens. There's video, you figure out what's going on [Off The Post]
If you skip ahead to 3:10, you can see the new gold standard for missed PKs. David Beckham, you are off the hook because of Edson Buddle [101 Great Goals]
Real want Gooch. Not Madrid, mind you, but Betis [Soccer by Ives]
A write up of Seattle Sounders FC first match. XBox Pitch, really? [Seattle Times]
And a reminder, voting opened today [The Hottie World Cup]

"Suck it, Barclays!" gets a properly-credited runout on another blog. If they keep this up, I may have to get rid of the Old Firm Fans Are Twats tag [The Offside]


Adam said...

Thanks for the link to Avoiding the Drop. Shocking how a site that now has no soccer coverage could spawn two soccer blogs.

Adam said...

oh and I will be throwing in a Suck it Barclay's from time to time.

ü75 said...

Is that yours as well? I didn't know. All of this name changing between sites confuses my polack brain.

Adam said...

Haha, yeah I'm Sex Fabregas on Deadspin, but since I use this email to comment on a few blogs, I just go by my first name here. For now I'm just going by Adam over there, but that may change.

mallymoodle said...

Thanks again for the shout out and I hope you're enjoying yourselves as unbiased observers!

Out of curiosity though, who did you choose in Iker vs. Canna? :D

Matt said...

I'm honored you are almost ready not to consider me a twat!

The NY Kid said...

Does anyone else think that Niko Kranjcar looks like McSteamy?

I'm straight, I swear!

ü75 said...

Iker. I think I voted straight ticket Spanish in that matchup. By the time I got to Gattuso, it was laughable.

I'm still working on that. Not too hard, mind you, but working nonetheless.

Matt said...

u75-Aren't you the Dons fan? We can be united in our hatred for the huns or something...

ü75 said...

I am indeed. And yes, we are united in our hatred for the huns.

Andrew said...

I don't share your sentiment towards the Huns/Krauts/etc. They are a noble, ruthlessly efficient people. And they win World Cups.

ü75 said...

Dear Andrew,
Now, if you want to talk about the Kaiser's team, go ahead.