Monday, February 23, 2009

Key Mistake

Well, we think we've hit upon a standard for reporting these kinds of stories.

Last week we revealed a bit of hesitancy to report of sexual predators because we only ever report the allegation and never tell you if the person gets off (in the legal sense that is).

But if the person gets caught because of his own monumental stupidity, then we'll share. Deal?

This weeks first winner? He's a total winnar!

It's Brendon Key of Nottingham. That's him looking at you there if you couldn't figure it out.

Key, who worked as a football coach with schools in the area, was found with kiddie porn on the same laptop he used in the course of his work as the treasurer of the Young Elizabethan Football League:

A quantity of adult porn and two of the child images were found in the same folder as Key's curriculum vitae on the laptop... Key, who is now unemployed, pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing child porn images and 15 of making them, despite initially denying having the images.
So, in case you were unclear on this, labeling a folder on your computer "Kiddie Porn and Resume" is not a good idea.

The judge went easy on him, because he looks like a minor himself.

Well, he does.

For his stupidity Key actually received a three-year community order with 180 hours of community service. He also has to attend 35 sessions of an Internet sex offender program—which I hear are pretty off the hook—and pony up £300.

Okay, again phenomenally stupid to have porn (any kind) on your work computer and Key is no victim here. But amongst the millions of pics of naked chicks floating around the interwebs, how many people have a collection somewhere on their own drive? And how many of those people know with absolute certainty that none of the women is underaged?

Just saying because we know nothing about pornography.


Andrew said...

I've never looked at pornography. Never had the need. I've been sexing since I've been 12.

phil said...

Looks like Arsene's found his padawan.

phil said...

Hey, PR, I just heard: USMNT WC qualifier vs. Honduras to be played at Soldier Field. June 6.

Precious Roy said...

Sweet. Road Trip.

Oh wait, we can take the El.

VA said...


It’s obvious from your article that you must aspire to work for the Scum, sorry Sun tabloid. Having read this article in the local rag there is no mention of any folder names. It would appear that where you were educated, the Ronald McDonald School of Journalism, it is common practice to make information up when it does not exist.

It is clear to see why you post blogs on a website for pretentious cretins offering opinions on subjects that they have neither the knowledge of nor the intellectual capacity to understand, a website that very few people in the world have read let alone have heard of.

I can see why the journalism profession has shunned you to a website of insignificance.