Monday, February 23, 2009

How About One of Kevin Keegan Qutting?

For those of you familiar with the analog world before iPhones and the interwebs, you likely remember how footy was played indoors before FIFA '93 or Championship Manager -- a charming little game called Subbuteo.

As with any old-school niche item, it still has a cult following. As it turns out, one Welshman is now using the iconic Subbuteo figurines in a new, cool way.

Tom Taylor is recreating the goal-scoring celebrations of today's players by molding tiny replica Subbuteo players in their likeness. Though, this isn't the first time Mr. Taylor has done this sort of thing. Years ago, he fashioned a miniture crocked Wayne Rooney, complete with crutches.

He also made a streaker.

Honestly, while I always historically lost interest in the actual gameplay rather quickly (flicking those little guys over and over is maddening), I always found the players, sold in sets of almost any possible team (or you could paint them yourself... which appeals to the kind of dork, i.e. me, that tried to do that with foosball players), to be the most appealing part of the whole set-up.

The question now becomes, what Subbuteo replicas should be next?

We here at UF have a few ideas... and welcome yours, as well.

-- C Ronaldo primping in a mirror

-- Dirk Kuyt with head in hands after missing another sitter

-- Craig Bellamy swinging a golf club

-- Joey Barton with cigar

-- Robbie Fowler snorting the goal line

-- El Hadj Diouf spitting on a fan

-- Eric Cantona kung-fu kicking a fan

-- John Terry 'respecting' a ref

-- Michael Owen on the ground, injured


phil said...

Robbie Keane, pointing and shouting

Didier Drogba, throwing coins

John Terry, crying after hoofing his CL PK

John Terry's tranny doppelganger

Keith said...

Arsene walking up to a 10-year old continental player

CR7, crying at midfield alone while his team celebrates

Rafa Benitez, online late at night researching the EPL's conspiracy to award Ol' Purple Face as much as possible

And, one for my team:

Gabby Agbonlahor: The Shawn Kemp tribute figure.

Nathaniel said...

Dammit, phil took both of my John Terry ideas!

Stevie Gerrard assaulting a clubgoer

Eduardo with a Z-shaped leg

Frankie Lampard with a varying size gut

Jose Bosingwa kicking Yossi Benayoun in the back

Anonymous said...

"Eduardo with a Z-shaped leg"

I'm almost ashamed to say I laughed out loud at this. Suppose it's easier now that's back (save the new injury)

30f said...

Robinho confusedly holding two shirts - City blue and United red.

Cisse with a silly putty head that picks up whatever color it rubs against.

Bosingwa with an enormous mono-brow that sticks out past the sides of his head and plays better defense than he does.

Vidic and Skrtel committing war crimes.

Berbatov in a smoking jacket looking suave and disinterested.

Phil Brown with headset and 'natural' skin tone.