Monday, January 19, 2009

Supply and Demand: Big Sam Style.

Sheikh Mansour's cash is still burning a hole in Mark Hughes pocket this am. Rumors of Kaka fill the airwaves and Craig Bellamy is taking a medical. We all know that 100million for Kaka is completely absurd, but it is only now becoming clear what effect Man City's new found wealth will have on the transfer market. Everyone wants to get some of Mansour's moolah and Sam Allardyce is no exception.

If Kaka is worth 100 million and a 29 year old Craig Bellamy is worth 14 , then what is Roque Santa Cruz going to sell for in today's over-inflated transfer market? How about 40 million? That's the price Blackburn are willing to sell the want-away forward for. Why not eh? Everyone else is jacking up the prices so why shouldn't Blackburn.

Man City are certainly 'upping the stakes' with the big four. How much will United be able to offer for their next signing when City can fire notes into the air with abandonment? Will Roman have the balls to compete? Wayne Rooney will be seem a snip at 30 million should City be tempted to pay 40 million for Santa Cruz. How much is Messi worth in this new, blue World?

What about Ronaldo? I'm sure United won't feel too aggrieved at the spending across town, if Kaka makes the move to Eastlands, Real Madrid can forget their perverted fascination with United's pock faced Portuguese prodigy. His transfer fee would likely be in excess of 150 million.

So how much will City spend this January. If Bellamy passes his medical then they would have spent 24 million already. Add Kaka and De Jong, at a rumored 18 million and they would have spent over 142 million before a punt on Santa-Cruz.

Personally I can't wait to see Kaka and Robinho at Carrow Road next season. How awesome would that be. A finger in Sheikh Mansour's eye and some record gates in the Championship to help boost the coffers of Swansea and Bristol City. Of course this is unlikely, but we can all dream and we can all say our prayers.



Nathaniel said...

Kaka playing in the Coca-Cola Championship?


Permanent4 said...

Dude, has EVERYONE forgotten the Webster Rule already? CR7 can buy out the remainder of his contract in the summer of 2010 for 13 million quid. Man Utd can't worry about what Citeh is doing. That club needs to get whatever they can for him next summer.