Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Seriously, he needs to play

After jumping through the necessary hoops, KC Wizards start physical work on new stadium site [SBI]
Jimmy Conrad interviewed on Facebook. Hey, we have a Facebook page. Go join [The Offside Rules]
Tom Hicks has entered talks with a Kuwaiti billionaire [Guardian]
WAGs no longer need working brains. Is there another joke here? [Daily Mail]

Is Citeh pursuing Drogba? [The Sun]
An informative graphic of Citeh's targets this January. PDF alert [Guardian]
Arsenal to beam highlights straight to PSPs in Emirates. If that's not enough for you, go to the article to see how many anti-soccer biases you can find [Gizmodo]
Hot rumor: Seattle Sounders FC's first opponent will be Chelsea [The Beautiful Game]

Nicklas Bendtner turned down a possible move to Hoffenheim. Why would Arsenal sell their one in-form goal scorer anyway? [Guardian]


Mike Georger said...

Oh God please let that sale go through.

The City transfers remind me of how I play Football Manager. I'll give Villa a transfer budget of three billion, and try to buy everyone, have clubs agree to terms, then have every player shoot down a contract because the club isn't big enough (don't hate my Keith, it's the game, not me). The De Jong or whoever story is hilarious, unbelievable they cost themselves 10 million pounds by being impatient.

Mike Georger said...

Think just about everyone on here will find this interesting. Article over at FSC on pirate feeds of games.

phil said...

That's a great article, Georger. Thanks for the link.

The Fan's Attic said...

should have read the comments last night as i was typing up my tech battle stuff. got that link in my inbox this morning too. oh well.