Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Backpasses: Ghost, I tell ya

Are Manchester United and Tottenham conspiring to make sure of no replay? [The Spoiler]
Landon scores two against Mainz. Ol' Lando is Bayern's top scorer during the friendlies [The Offside Rules]
Abramovich is suing Sunday Times for libel [Rescinded Red]
Ives handicaps the MLS expansion race [Soccernet]

Club mourns former player, holds minute of silence. Imagine the embarrassment when he shows up alive [Fox Soccer]


Mike Georger said...

Did anyone see the Forest/Derby game today? I heard Paul Anderson had an arm injury, and somehow required oxygen. Anyone catch what happened?

Mike Georger said...

According to my emails, I bid on both a Dutch national team Kuyt jersey and an Alonso Real Sociedad jersey last night (the latter is beautiful, the former uhhhhh). Admiral Nelson's Rum is the devil's blood.