Friday, January 23, 2009

Total Football? Total Failure! Dutch Courage Lacking At Southampton

I warned you Saints fans... I told you in July. I greeted Jan Poortvliet's pledge of 'total football' with a deep sigh and a hearty laugh. This is the Championship people! 6 months later total football at St Mary's has been total disaster. Today Jan Poortvliet resigned as manager of Southampton. That's the clubs nice way of saying that they propped the door open and booted the useless Dutchman into the street. Poortvliet leaves Southampton second from the bottom of the table with just one win at home all season. But never fear Saints fans, you are in safe hands. Mark Wotte takes overs. Wotte was assistant to Poortvliet but has plenty of experience... in Dutch football.

Wotte has coached and managed at no less than SEVENTEEN clubs and he is only 48. He actually stayed at one club (ADO Den Haag) for a whole TWO years. This ones got staying power for sure. Saints fans must be livid this evening. As if they haven't got enough to worry about with their dire financial situation and board room struggles. Wotte way to go...Actually, I shouldn't mock Wotte and Southampton, that's just bad karma. Southampton may stink worse than the pungent smell of a rotting corpse at home but they have actually won 5 games on the road. The kind of record expected of a play-off team, and with Wotte and his Saints coming to Norwich next Tuesday I should not be tempting fate.

How long Wotte lasts at Southampton is anyones guess but a quick look at his resume would suggest he has anywhere between 2 weeks and a year.


Poortvliet is at the top, Wotte on the right.

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Joep Smeets said...

Mark Wotte???????! HA! Every single club he's ever been started a sharp downfall whenever he arrived and kept spiraling downwards when he left shortly after. The man is aprtly responsible for the downfall of Feyenoord and thats becoming so ugly its not even funny anymore. Good luck southampton fans, you'll need it.