Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: I'm just cold

Bryan Gunn has a posse. I joined. Anything to keep Calderwood for now [The Spoiler]
You think your rec league ref was bad? [Off The Post]
GIF madness. This mashup of Zaki's shocking weekend miss is mesmerizing [101 Great Goals]
Is this the next Liverpool away shirt? [EPL Talk]

Soccernet compiles the will-get-you-arrested-in-England anti-Sol chants [Soccernet]
SGE making fans and team members angry for selecting naturalized Mexicans [Guardian]
Don't mess with Texas. Coach gets stabbed in fight over ref's call [Lufkin Daily News]
Gretna 2008, somehow not named the Phoenix, win their first trophy [Edinburgh News]

The Times explains how Masal Bugduv made their 50 to watch list [Times Online]


Kopper said...

Your membership in the club was what did it. Gunn was just named manager of Norwich.

Andrew said...

Interesting thing happened last night. I'm at my local bar last night, getting a pint, and I'm talking to the bartender. He makes a comment re: my Gunners shirt and we start discussing footie. He says he lived in Oxford for seven years and that he's an Ip . . .Ip . . . Them fan. I couldn't believe it! An Them fan in Tallahassee?! I told him to get "On the Ball, City" and he laughed and told me to get the fuck out. I laughed and returned to my table. Not sure if he was serious.