Friday, January 23, 2009

Midfield Delight

If you didn't already believe that professional athletes are living your dreams, Nives Celzijus will make you a believer. Nives is the beautiful wife and former Playboy model of out of work Croatian defender Dino Drpic. (Do a Google Image Search of Nives when you get home.)

In a recent spot on a Serbian talk show, Nives revealed (NSFW pic in the story) she helped Dino live out a fantasy of his when she let him get stuck in at the Dinamo Zagreb midfield circle. Nives was so nice she even let him keep the lights on after he had arranged with the proper people for that to occur. No word if Afternoon Delight was playing on the PA system.

Unfortunately, Dino is no longer with Dinamo Zagreb reportedly because of gambling issues. Naturally he wants to come to the EPL and play with his countryman, Luka Modric, at Tottenham.

This isn't Dino's first time in the English media spotlight though. Last summer when Madeleine McCann was abducted, some British tourists tried to snatch Dino and Nives' child believing the boy to be Madeleine.


Precious Roy said...

She looks mannish... except for the rack.

The Fan's Attic said...

if that's a man, then i'm gay.

phil said...

There's a woman in that picture?!?!?! All I saw was bewbs and a football.