Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Canada Brain Damaged Cops Beat Up Other Parents at Soccer Matches

Tempting to think that a story that starts with the sentence, "A Hamilton police officer who punched a man at her child's soccer game could face a temporary demotion under the Police Services Act," has pretty much topped out.

But no, there are Canadians involved and apparently at least one of them is on a mission to be every bit as awful as an over-involved American parent. Yes, America our monopoly on shitty parenting vis a vis child athletics is coming to a cruel end at the hands of one Wendy Bromfield.

This story gets a little dense (either that or Canadian names all sound the same) but the incident dates back to August of 2006.

Bromfield was attending her child's soccer match. At the match, Bromfield complained to the ref that a player on the rival team was "roughhousing" and the ref subsequently ejected that player. Apparently "roughhousing" is a straight red in Canadaian U13 girls soccer.

After the match a teammate of the ejected girl approached Bromfield and called her a narc and hateful bitch for getting her friend ejected.

Okay, that's probably embellished with colorful language but Bromfield does claim that "the child spat at her and used several expletives." So Bromfield grabbed the expectorant child and brought her to the coach. That's when she got into a melee with that child's father.

That's not even the best part. Bromfield does face a possible demotion and reduction in pay at the police force when she returns to work. And she hasn't worked since May 2004—yes, that's four and a half years (and predates the incident in question by two of them)—as a result of a motorcycle accident. "That collision left her with a host of injuries, including a ruptured bladder, a broken pelvis, a broken spine and several crushed vertebrae and brain damage."

Hey, when you nationalize healthcare, recovery times go up a skosh. But repeating, in Canada brain damaged cops do indeed beat up other parents at soccer matches, little girls' matches at that.


Ibracadabra said...

"Bromfield alleges the child then spat at her and used several expletives."

Kid's been watching Wayne Rooney on Fox Soccer Channel Canada and knows that neither of those actions are bookable offenses, so what the fuck.

Jeremy St. Louis, Paul Stalteri, and Dwayne de Rosario had no comment.

Nathaniel said...

+1 for the JSL reference.

-1 for not linking to his "blog" on