Friday, October 17, 2008

This week in "'kids these days"

Artist's rendition

When I was 14, I liked to cause trouble. Very typical trouble too, the flirting with girls who were just (ahem) blossoming, playing pranks on teachers, experimenting with drugs and never getting punished.

It seems that this generation of youth soccer players exist on a very different plane.

From the news report:
"A teen soccer player allegedly punched a volunteer referee after a call during an AYSO game in the Oak Park section of Ventura County."
Simply brilliant.

At this point, I think Joey Barton Wallbangers must be more popular in the US than those of Beckham or C-Ron.

Running the risk of literally cutting-and-pasting the entire article, I'll do the work and paraphrase it myself: during a game, the 54-year-old referee issued a yellow card and warning for dangerous play, at which point the disciplined player allegedly began beating up the referee. It's no Peruvian melee or Polish fan fight, but still, it's another signpost on the road to ruin. So sad, really.

The referee suffered "extensive injuries" and required hospital treatment. No word yet on whether the lad will be offered an apprenticeship at Newcastle United. Ba-dum-chingggg.


Bigus Dickus said...

All referees need a smack sometime or another, it reminds them of the importance of their decisions

Dustin said...

I assume you're joking because of your obviously ridiculous name snatched from Monty Python. The funniest part about this is "Volunteer Referee." Personally while reffing if some smartass kid thought he could take me, I'd fuck him up, it would probably be the greatest thing anyone could do for his future self.

Bigus Dickus said...

Not at all and I believe in telling the truth.