Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Peru is Crazy

Forgive us for not covering enough Peruvian soccer. And really after this weekend, we're going to make an effort to do more. Why? Because Peru is fucking crazy (What? Don't you read the headlines on our blog posts?)

Exhibit A: Sport Boys, who have the misfortune of being saddled with maybe the gayest name in football after "Man City" (not helped by the pink jerseys, guys), drew 2-2 with Atletico Minero.

Sport Boys, currently DFL'ing in the 14-team Primera Profesional, might have been on a bit of a high entering the match as the team had just been paid Friday five months of back wages the players were due, or over due, rather.

Of course that was probably offset by a difficult week leading up to the match. To elaborate, we give you what might be the best sentence ever written in the history of South American soccer: "Sport Boys players did not train for most of last week because they said they could not afford taxi fares or buy petrol to get to practice."

Oh but there is more fun! After Sport Boys keeper Michael Sotillo was caught off his line for the equalizer in the 82nd, a mob of angry Sport Boys fans charged the pitch in an attempt to attack Sotillo. Fortunately for him, police successfully intervened.

There is video from the match below, although unfortunately the crowd bum-rushing the goalie ain't on it:

What happened in Callao makes the match between Deportivo San Martin and Universitario seem quaint and cheeky by comparison.

With San Martino down to nine men, Universitario officials "complained that the home team's ball boys were deliberately deflating the spare balls to hold up play."

San Marino's reaction sparked a brawl "in which a number of officials traded blows and Univeristario players also joined in, holding up play for five minutes."

Univeristario leveled at 1-1 eight minutes from time and the match ended in a tie.

(Quotes and the bulk of the info come from the Reuters South American Soccer round up found here. Oh, and hat tip here for the t-shirt design that I pilfered and altered for the pic.)

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With gas prices being high, I can see why they might not be able to afford the petrol.