Thursday, October 16, 2008

Theo? Hurry home from Minsk

Young Mr. Walcott is doing rather well for himself at the moment. Lauded as the next great England star (although Rooney better still be included in that discussion after his goals last night) following his hat-trick in Croatia, he's getting some confidence and getting regular playing time at the Emirates.

He's also got a lovely lady at home, one that defies the vapid spirit of the WAG lifestyle. She passed her A-Levels with ease and is figuring out her university options, as well as climbing Kilimanjaro in six weeks with Justin Hoyte's girlfriend to raise money for a children's charity.

In short, she's everything the WAGs aren't. However, she still looks good in a bikini, as recent modelling shots show. Is it wrong to post these? I say no. I just hope she keeps up with school and doesn't cave in to the inanity of most footballer's WAGs.

A couple of pics after the jump. Best of luck to Theo and Melanie moving forward.

You won't find love like this in Southampton

I think mauve is my new favourite colour


Precious Roy said...

Someone is dating Justin Hoyte?

JT said...

Indeed. It's apparently this lady, Madeleine Bowden, found here