Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: Thank you, Mr. Thompson

Well, it looks like the soft launch of UF After Dark was a hit. Seems people on the internet like their sports mixed with sex. Good to know.

The FA tells Joe Kinnear he can't have any more press conferences like the one from two weeks ago [Eurosport]
NY Times' Goal blog looks at past foreign investment in the MLS and what that means for the San Jose-Tottenham link [NY Times]

Since he is not bagging goals, Berbatov decides to find a different line of work [The Sun]
Icky back story to this--teen arrested after he takes off his monitoring device to play soccer [Palm Beach Post]

And, finally:
The SPL lost a true leader today. Dundee United chairman Eddie Thompson has succumbed to cancer. He will be missed [The Scotsman]

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